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Speech recognition software

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Easiest way to type faster is by using speech recognition software.

Technology has made it possible for people to talk and have their voice inputted into the system making a lot of work pretty easier. There are many applications that can assist in dictating documents where they are created faster than when typed by people and so on. Dictation services are used by many companies especially those that deal heavily with word processing for instance, health sector as well as legal industry.

Dragon for Windows



Up to 99% speech recognition accuracy right out of the box

Create, format and edit documents just by speaking

Create email and search the Web faster than ever using simple voice commands

Built on ‘Deep Learning’ speech engine that continuously adjusts to your voice

Listen back to dictated text

Optimised for touchscreen devices

Create and edit your spreadsheets with full text control in Microsoft Excel

Create custom voice commands for standard texts

Import/export custom word lists for your sector

Turn recordings into editable text

Automatically transcribe your recordings

Combine with the Nuance PowerMic for ease-of-use

Integrated legal terms specifically for legal professionals

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